Idaho Adventure Photography Gallery

Best known for it’s potatoes, the state of Idaho offers a world of incredible outdoor adventure.

mountain biking, Boise Foothills, Freestone Ridge Trail, sunset
Freestone Ridge Sunset
Saša descends the Freestone Ridge Trail during a December Sunset.

backcountry skiing, Idaho, Mores Creek Summit, Pilot Peak, powder
Skiing Mores Creek Summit
Josh skiing The Knob at Mores Creek Summit.

Boise Foothills Mountain Biking
Saša riding Shane's Loop trail into the sunset in Military Reserve.

hiking Cervidae Peak, Boise, spring, Lucky Peak Reservoir
Cervidae Spring
Descending Cervidae Peak above Lucky Peak Reservoir on a spring hike.

backpacking, Baron Lakes, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho, wilderness, morning
Saša and the Sawtooths
After a night of enduring a night of thunderstorms we hiked out of the Baron Lakes and were treated to a crisp morning in the mountains.
kayaking, Payette River, Jacob's Ladder, North Fork, Idaho
North Fork Kayaker
A kayaker navigates Jacob's Ladder of the Payette River during the 2014 North Fork Championship.

Snowshoeing to Sunset Mountain
Sunset Snowshoeing
Heading home through the forest shadows on Sunset Mountain.
backpacking, Imogene Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness, alpine lake, Idaho
Imogene Lake Backpacking
Saša travering the Imogene Lake inlet.

mountain biking, Boise, Sweet Connie Trail, Spring, Idaho
Sweet Connie Biker
A mountain biker navigates Sweet Connie Trail near Bogus Basin Road.

hiking, Snowyside Pass from Alice Lake, Sawtooth Mountains, wilderness, Idaho
Lookout from Snowyside Pass
Looking east from Snowyside Pass on the way to Toxaway Lake.
mountain biking, Redfish Creek Trail, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho
Redfish Creek Traverse
Saša making her way across Redfish Creek.

Redfish Creek Traverse
Mountain biking the Redfish Creek Trail with Grand Mogul in the distance.

hiking Hell Roaring Lake trail, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho, wilderness
Remembering Hell Roaring
Looking back over Hell Roaring lake after spending a night below the Finger of Fate.

Leah's Lake Backpacking, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho, mountains, waterfall
Backpacking Leah's Lake
Saša traversing July snow on a backpacking trip in the Sawtooth Mountains.

backpacking, Imogene Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness, alpine lake, Idaho
Imogene Lake Backpacking
Hiking buddies along the shore of Imogene Lake in the Sawtooth Wilderness.
swimming, Goat Lake, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho, wilderness
Diving into Goat Lake
Diving in – an icy reward after a hot and steep hike.

Upper Paradise Trail, Bogus Basin, skiing, spring, Boise, Idaho
Upper Paradise
Spring corn skiing on Upper Paradise at Bogus Basin.

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