Sawtooth Mountains Photography Gallery

Photographs from the Sawtooth National Recreation and Wilderness Area in Idaho.

Sawtooth Mountains panorama, sunrise, wilderness, Idaho
Nip and Tuck Sunrise
Summer sunrise over the Sawtooth Mountains from Nip and Tuck Road
reflected alpine island, Sawtooth Mountains, wilderness, Idaho
Alpine Cathedral
An island in the middle of an unnamed lake is perfectly illuminated in the Sawtooth Wilderness.
sunrise, Leah's Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness, backpacking, Idaho, mountains, alpine lake
Leah's Lake Sunrise
For a moment, the sun broke through the morning’s storm clouds and illuminated the basin.
sunrise, clouds, Leah's Lake, backpacking, Idaho mountains, Sawtooth Wilderness
Leah's Lake Clouds
Magnificent clouds and light painted a scene that so few see.
McGown Peak, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho, mountains, sunset
McGown Sunset Storm
A September storm passes the Sawtooths and lights up McGown Peak and the meadow below.
Goat Lake, Sawtooth Mountains, alpine lake, wilderness, Idaho
Goat Lake Sunrise
Morning light over the boulders that line the shore of Goat Lake in the Sawtooth Wilderness.
unnamed peak, Leah's Lake, alpine lake, Sawtooth Wilderness, backpacking, Idaho
Backpacking Leah's Lake
We marveled at the massive stack of granite across the lake from us.
reflected trees, alpine lake, island, Sawtooth Wilderness, Leah's Lake, Idaho
Reflected Trees
One of the lake’s island backlit with crisp, alpine light.
Pettit Lake, sunrise, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho, mountains
Pettit Lake Sunrise
Morning glory of Pettit Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains.
Iron Creek, fog, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho, trail to Goat Lake
Iron Creek Fog
Dawn over a fog covered Sawtooth Valley near Iron Creek..
Baron Lakes, sunrise, Baron Spire, Monte Verita, Sawtooth Wilderness, backpacking
Baron Sunrise
August sunrise reflected over the middle Baron Lake with Monte Verita on the left and the Baron Spire to the right.
Leah's Lake, waterfall, Sawtooth Wilderness, backpacking, Idaho
Alpine Waterfall
The waterfall from Leah’s Lake was still a raging torrent mid-July.
Perfect Peak as seen from Leah's Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness, backpacking, Idaho
Perfect Peak
Our conclusive view of Perfect Peak from the Leah’s Lake.
Snowyside Pass, Twin Lakes, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho
Snowyside Pass
Looking south over the Twin Lakes from Snowyside Pass.
Trail to Goat Lake, rock spines, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho, hiking
Goat Lake
Rocky spines line the trail to the lake.
Hell Roaring Lake, Trail to Imogene Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness, backpacking, Idaho
Hell Roaring Outlet
The view before crossing the Hell Roaring Lake outlet after an early season backpacking trip in the Sawtooth Wilderness.
sunset, Fishhook Creek, Sawtooth Mountains, wilderness, Idaho
Fishhook Sunset
Sunset over Firshook Creek in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains
Williams and Merritt Peak, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho
Sawtooth Mountains Sunrise
Morning light over Williams and Merritt Peaks from Highway 21 in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.
Imogene Lake Waterfall, Sawtooth Wilderness, backpacking, Idaho
Imogene Waterfall
A waterfall near the inlet of Imogene Lake in the Sawtooths.
storm clouds, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho
Sawtooth Mountains Sunrise
Dramatic July weather.
Upper Trail Creek Lake, Peak 9711, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho, backpacking
Trail Creek Lakes
Upper Trail Creek Lake, with Peak 9711 in the center.
Twin Lakes, sunrise, Sawtooth Wilderness, alpine lake, Idaho, mountains
Twin Lakes Sunrise
Sunrise over the lower Twin Lake in the Sawtooth Wilderness.
Imogene Lake, shoreline, summer, backpacking, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho
Imogene Shore
Summer light on the shore of Imogene.
Mount Heyburn, fog, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho, mountains
Shrouded Heyburn
Mount Heyburn peaking through the fog.
Mount Regan, Sawtooth Lake, summer, hiking, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho, mountains
Mount Regan
Mount Regan at 10,190' towers 1755' above Idaho's iconic Sawtooth Lake.
Fishhook Creek, Sawtooth Wilderness, mountains, Idaho
Goodnight Sawtooths
A gloomy sunset over Fishhook Creek in the Sawtooth Wilderness.
illuminated trees, sunrise, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho, backpacking
Sawtooth Trees
A beam of sunlight shines through the trees in the Sawtooth Wilderness.
unnamed lake below the Finger of Fate, Sawtooth Wilderness, backpacking, Idaho
Finger of Fate
Backlit tree at our camp.
McGown Peak, meadow, Sawtooth Mountains, wilderness, Idaho
McGown Evening
Evening light shines through a meadow below McGown Peak and Stanley Lake.
Upper Baron Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness, mountains, Idaho
Upper Baron Lake
Wispy clouds blanked the sky above the Upper Baron Lake.
Redfish Lake, summer clouds, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho
Summer at Redfish Lake
A wispy cloud filled afternoon at Redfish Lake.
summer wildflowers, Alpine Way Trail, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho, hiking
Spring hiking in the Sawtooth Wilderness.
Spring wildflowers along the Alpine Way Trail near Redfish Lake.
southern Alpine Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness, backpacking, Idaho
Alpine Lake
Lunch break at Alpine Lake.
Payette Peak, Imogene Lake backpacking, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho
Payette Peak
Payette Peak (10,221') in the Sawtooth Wilderness.
Mount Heyburn above Redfish Lake, fog, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho
Heyburn Fog
Mount Heyburn shrouded in fog above Redfish Lake.
Trail Creek Lake, rock face, backpacking, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho
Trail Creek Rock Face
Golden hour on the rocky cliffs at the far end of the lake.