Snowslide Lake – Earning your Swim

Jumping into Snowslide Lake
Jumping into Snowslide Lake in the Payette National Forest, Idaho.

A short and steep 2 mile, 1000+ foot elevation gain hike is just enough to earn your own personal lake for a day in Idaho. The Payette National Forest has an abundance of small, alpine lakes outside of McCall – many of which are not a far drive from Boise – that make a perfect swimming adventure. Snowslide Lake is just one of the scenic lakes worthy of a weekend getaway to hike, swim, cliff jump, or fish.

Snowslide Lake, Idaho
The view as you approach Snowslide.

Meadows lead into Snowslide Lake with boulders perfect for swimming on the far end.

Payette Meadow
Picturesque meadows in the Payette National Forest.

Hiking through a meadow on the way to the lake.

Bear Grass in the Payette National Forest
Bear Grass on the way to Snowslide Lake.

The Bear Grass in the Payette National Forest is still in full bloom at higher elevation in mid July.


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